Air Pro offers thorough environmental inspection services. If you are unsure if our services can benefit you, or would like to talk about your problem contact us today. Our goal is to help our customer’s breathe easier.

Air Pro consultants are mold experts with extensive experience and education. We have inspected thousands of homes and have years of experience in mold testing and remediation. We take your indoor air quality very seriously and make every effort to educate customers on how mold can affect their health. We give practical, reasonable advice on how to address a mold situation. We treat our customers with respect. Instead of using scare tactics or tearing a home apart, we simply treat the mold thoroughly and get your home back to a clean bill of health. We encourage you to learn more about mold remediation and testing methods.

Our experts are certified and equipped with the experience, training, and technology to diagnose even the toughest indoor air quality problems.